KSB and its new Upachrom 100 pump for 4 "wells

Discover the new generation of KSB 4 "submersible pumps: The UPAchrom 100 series to extract water absolutely reliably and safely.

All components of the UPAchrom 100 series are manufactured in high grade stainless steel and with hydraulic systems specifically designed for wells, reliable and impeccable operation.

Flexible and energy efficient

The UPAchrom 100 series is certified according to ACS and is therefore suitable for drinking water.

In addition, all hydraulic systems available up to a maximum flow of 18 m³ / h exceed the efficiency levels specified by the ErP Directive.

UPAchrom 100 is particularly flexible because of its NEMA connection and its installation options at an angle or in a vertical and horizontal position.

UPAchrom 100 pumps can be automated with UPA Control, Cervomatic and PumpDrive, ensuring reliable and energy efficient operation.

Powerful in all applications

Incredibly versatile: the UPAchrom 100 can be used in the following applications:

  • Domestic water supply
  • Water supply systems
  • General irrigation systems
  • Sprinkler irrigation systems
  • < li> Water table control
  • Increase in pressure
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Fire systems
  • Cooling circuits

First class service

KSB establishes a particular added value for the new 4 "UPAchrom pump with respect to availability and delivery times. For this reason we offer this series with an elaborate logistic and delivery concept.

With the UPAchrom 100 we have replaced our product portfolio for 4 "applications with a high quality range at attractive prices. Discover the new UPAchrom 100 - available from March 1, 2017.

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